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Article: Are RFID Blocking Wallets Worth It ?

Are RFID Blocking Wallets Worth It ?

Are RFID Blocking Wallets Worth It ?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify, and track tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. Passive tags collect energy from a nearby RFID reader's interrogating radio waves. RFID is one method for automatic identification and data capture

Credit cards uses the 13.56-MHz frequency spectrum. The RFID radio technology allow data to be sent over a short distance through the air, through your clothing or even through your wallet. If a card is enabled because it will have a logo printed on it such as Visa Pay Wave, Master Card Pay Pass, American Express Pay, Discover Zip or simply a horizontal Wi-Fi style symbol


Using RFID enabled cards could be legal like paying willingly, commuting, entering a building, or a metro station

 The usage of such cards could be illegal as well like accessing your information without a previous consent 

Personal data-skimming or theft is not in movies only, and it does not happen by cyber-attack exclusively. It could occur very simply by passing an RFID-reader near your wallet or money clip. Everyday millions of people in airports, markets, and metro-stations face such dilemma. You could be the next victim!

Having an RFID blocking wallet is definitely a MUST…

 Later on, smart wallets became the NEW trend. Most leather-good manufacturers knew such short waves could be interrupted by re-innovating a new aluminum shield for a minimalist wallet structure. The competition heated up

 But at MURADIN we were determined to re-innovate invaluable men wallets that are not only manufactured using aero-space grade polymer Aluminum shield but also designed using top-of the pick in the market materials

 Some of our aluminum men wallets have premium top grain leather finish for ultra-sophistication and firmer slim wallet grip. Other designs have ++A carbon fiber wallets composite that withstand external pressure. A new generation of dapper card holders. You don’t have any more excuses not to upgrade your old wallet!

 In fact, aluminum features could be countless. It is light, resistant, rust-resistant and 100% recyclable. This material does not only protect your cards from RFID-theft but also from demagnetization which could be explained as (your cards losing their functionality and purpose), not to mention the aluminum frame of MURADIN slim wallet will protect your cards from any external damages such as dents and scratches

We offer the unexpected! otherwise we would not be MURADIN. If you have a sophisticated aroma, or an urban hyper vibe, we have something for you. Browse our extravagant collection of dapper & tactical minimalist men wallets 

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What You Did Not Know About Aluminium Wallets !

What You Did Not Know About Aluminium Wallets !

Currency took various forms, drastically evolving over the years. From gold, silver, to cash, cards, and latest crypto currency. Plastic cards have taken over to replace cash bills, and coins in 19...

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