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Article: What You Did Not Know About Aluminium Wallets !

What You Did Not Know About Aluminium Wallets !

What You Did Not Know About Aluminium Wallets !

Currency took various forms, drastically evolving over the years. From gold, silver, to cash, cards, and latest crypto currency. Plastic cards have taken over to replace cash bills, and coins in 1950. Where personal information and data is encrypted into debit yet credit cards. Cards then were repurposed widely dominating till today

To elaborate more about the subject. Cards have a lot of security flaws. RFID skimming is one of the most notorious infringement that can happen anywhere and at any moment. It needs a physical setting to occur. Meaning never trust a stranger being near you by coincidence! For he/she can use wireless technology of radio frequency waves to scan your data off any of your contactless cards while they are in your wallet like banking, ID, or even passport. Now do you feel paranoid after you discovered this!

There is no need to feel the threat at all times since aluminium wallets and cases were introduced later in 2005 as a resolution or rescue. The leather goods market by then was well prepared for a new generation of smart aluminium wallets


Now, you will ask

Why smart aluminum wallets can prevent and block RFID skimming to protect cards?

Aluminum (Al), also spelled aluminium, chemical element, a lightweight silvery white metal of main Group 13 (IIIa, or boron group) of the periodic table. It is the most abundant metallic element in earth's crust and the most widely used 

Its distinctive characteristics allow scientists and engineers to utilize it for the benefit of humanity. One of these characteristics is RFID blocking!

Aluminium is a conductor of electricity. Almost any conductor blocks radio waves because radio waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation. Conducting materials convert waves of electromagnetic radiation into thermal energy. Electromagnetic waves that hit the conductive material are partially reflected and partially refracted

Consequently, RFID blocking aluminium wallets have the following features:


Aluminum usually is very light, hard, stainless and 100% recyclable that makes it durable and ecological material. It has an atomic weight of 26.9815 in Daltons or grams per mole (g/mol). Allowing MURADIN wallets made from this material to be highly desirable by customers for being light as a feather nonetheless sturdy as a rock

The aluminum we use in manufacturing is lead-free & cadmium free still it meets international standards (tested by various independent laboratories to ensure safe usage)


Aluminum usually is inexpensive plentiful material that offers interesting mechanical properties as it is relatively easy to shape, resistant to heat and corrosion, especially in drilling processes, like the CNC aluminum machining process that we use to craft MURADIN wallets. In fact, aluminum alloy is highly regarded comparing to other lightweight metals. Therefore, aluminum RFID blocking wallets were one of the most innovative products ever made


MURADIN wallets base layer shields are manufactured from fully sealed premium anodized aerospace grade aluminium. Where cases protect cards from illegal data theft – so called RFID-skimming. MURADIN engineers team ensured that wallets shields and farms function as faraday cages to prevent electromagnetic fields from entering or escaping. Our wallets typically provide protective layer that blocks 13-14Mhz electronic signals to keep your cards safe from being hacked

It is crucial to prevent any wireless technology from granting information such as banking or personal data on cards in the wallet unless you take them out willingly to pay at a cashier

Nothing more rewarding than peace of mind at an affordable price that you cannot resist. Aluminum wallets are not an exclusive expensive invention anymore. Our team made sure to design various shapes and colors so you may choose what you desire from the comfort of your home. Come and join our safe community!

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