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Article: Leather EDC - New Perception

Leather EDC - New Perception

Leather EDC - New Perception

EDC market is pumping with cutting-edge inventions utilizing various substances based on price and profit to win a sales race. But at Muradin, we prioritize quality and source, therefore we never declared such a race

In our design house, new illustrations required yet inspired premium hide to craft yet visualize our recent sketches. The main concern was to outsource leather with much of aesthetic, practicality, and endurance which are defaults yet essentials we incorporate in each product 

As demand increased in the leather goods market over the past 30+ years. Tanners and brands disagreed about genuine, top grain, or full grain shades, originality and treatment. leading to increasing confusion about quality of what customers may desire or expect

By then, Muradin team sought a different path. We did not comply with what was believed. A new perception we wanted to explore


 Incorporating leather in our designs 


Now all Muradin money clips, card holders, and wallets are crafted using aerospace grade aluminium solid chamfer or genuine A++ carbon fiber composites. Such metals offer lightweight, RFID data protection, yet durability

 As we mentioned previously few models had to be repurposed with a leather coating to bestow luxury, comfort, and better grip. H01 and V03 collections are a perfect example of modern/classic leather wallets in a minimalist design

 Ultimately these collections feature double faced sole piece of exquisite leather. Exteriorly featuring a smooth texture with an element of lustre while interiorly offering rugged leather lined compartment card sleeves with accentuated corners for a masculine character finish

The novelty lies in accomplishing a precise continuous stitch along the seam of a piece of leather. The bonding process it undergoes adds strength and reduces friction 

We offer H01 and V03 in wax black, wax brown, and crazy horse hazel. Black is a very clean natural formal colour, while brown and hazel are more rustic depicting antique or patina. Recalling Vintage leather in a new perception. Black and Brown are easy to care for, versatile, and elegant colours


Why we seek environmentally responsible leather


Many articles and documentaries have been produced about horrific stories that happen in tanneries from unfair labor practices, violating multiple environmental codes by shedding chemicals, gas, and solid waste consequently damaging nature and wildlife

According to conservative estimates, more than 600,000 tons per year of solid waste are generated worldwide by leather industry and approximately 40–50% of the hides are lost to shavings and trimmings

In return, we sought only gold rated LWG tanneries. Preferably with strict supervision. Muradin is an active participate in advocating responsible business “safer environment equal better business”


If there is a crinkle or stain. Don’t panic!


Natural leather is unique with much similar characteristics to human skin. Aging beautifully! Be aware that is quite normal yet expected to witness wrinkles on your wallet as time pass. Now you may catch stains on the leather surface, if this occurs, just damp a soft cloth with some water only (please avoid usage of any cleaning, alcohol, or chemical liquids) and wipe the surface gently (never rub the stain or surface, because you may damage the leather)

On the other hand, it is strongly recommended to keep your wallet stored in the original packaging when not in use. Still avoid leaving the wallet in direct contact with sun and water since it will damage the leather eventually


Nothing regular about Muradin illustrations! From Industrial urban card holders to remodelling classic leather wallets with modern RFID protection twist. Our craftsmanship adheres to one commitment which is: research constantly and outsource responsibly. Switch your mind! Switch to a minimalist leather RFID blocking wallet 

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CF Wallets - Between Lies & The Truth

CF Wallets - Between Lies & The Truth

DEFINATION Now a professional definition of carbon fibers is  90% of the carbon fibers produced are made from polyacrylonitrile (PAN). The remaining 10% is made from rayon or petroleum pitch. All ...

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