Minimalism - Is It Prioritizing or sacrificing

Minimalism is post–World War II Western art movement. But to many it was a revolution portrayed in 1960-70s New York’s paintings. 1980 Millennials defined minimalism as an invitation to declutter life. Freedom from a materialist world!

In a consumer-centric age embracing minimalism was not brands' cup-of-tea. Surprisingly, strongly, and steadily this trend emerged in the market until it became a trend admired by all. For Muradin designers and engineers team it is one of our four pillars concept that we adhere to when crafting new RFID Blocking wallets collection

 "Minimalism, Technology, Sustainability & Quality"


Now to streamline your life spiritually and materialistically in our modern age. You must defuse and rewire your conceptions and priorities. The relief and joy you will attain gradually yet eventually is priceless!

It all starts with awareness, intention, knowledge, planning, and fulfillment. Remember that feasible tiny steps could lead to remarkable outbreak


Minimalist mindset

 According to the law of attraction “Like Attracts Like” Keep up the positivity to access life exclusive privileges. Try one week of eliminating or at least reducing negative interactions, external passiveness, and inner anxiousness. Now to cultivate a favourable energy to tolerate difficulties, keep a tangible small photo of your loved ones, your favourite quote written on a small paper hidden in a minimal bifold wallet or a slim dapper card holder to cheer you up during a hard-working day


Physical Wellbeing

When considering mental health and physical health, the two are connected and not separated. Eating healthy, sleeping well, reasoning positively and non the least, sporting regularly are all part of one equation to live a balanced minimal lifestyle. For instance, you could carry your vitamin pills wrapped securely in a small secret compartment of a genius leather wallet to energize you while working in the office or clinic all day long


Existence Reconstruction

Decluttering home, office, and car from superficial redundancy will allow peace, prosperity, and joy to manifest in your life. Remember to retain only necessities. Strip everything down to its essential quality to achieve simplicity. The joy of giving transcends possessing. Save more and consume less. Seek this simple lifestyle for a while, and you shall be bewildered with a financial, spiritual, and wellbeing freedom you have never experienced before. Opt for slim EDC to streamline your pockets as well, try a slim money clip wallet, or credit card holder wallet


“Less is more” in terms of embracing the most of fewer things. The Common misconception is that minimalists “suffer” and “sacrifice”. Prioritizing your mental, physical, financial wellbeing is a form of self-care. Eventually, minimalism could hold various definitions. But let us agree to appreciate life blessings and our loved ones more as time passes. To show gratitude that became minimal in our materialistic world